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CEEC Letter on Canada’s NATO Contribution


Dear Prime Minister Trudeau :
The Central and Eastern European Council represents 4 million Canadians of Central and Eastern European heritage. All of these nations suffered under the tyranny of oppressive Communist regimes for nearly 70 years as they struggled to regain their freedom. Many of those nations that did reestablish their freedom and democracy quickly aligned themselves with Western and Canadian values, becoming reliable partners and friends of Canada in NATO and the European Union.
The CEEC would like to reiterate its strong support for Canada’s expanded participation in NATO defence activities in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in advance of the upcoming summit in Warsaw, Poland, July 8 – 9 2016.
As Vladimir Putin continues to militarize the border regions of Western Russia with land and sea forces, strategic military infrastructure, and continued violation of NATO airspace, the CEEC strongly urges our government to maintain and strengthen its commitment to the defence of the Alliance’s vulnerable Eastern flank.
The CEEC believes that stability in Central and Eastern Europe is key to ensuring a secure and stable environment in Europe and in the Western world, including the Arctic.
We ask that Canada respond to NATO requests and commit to maintaining the troops it has in Poland, thus expanding its long-term military presence in the Baltic Sea Region and supplementing the new rapid reaction force with additional personnel, equipment and expertise.
With sincere regards,

Paul Grod
Ukrainian Canadian Congress

Joana Kuras
Lithuanian-Canadian Community

Teresa Berezowski
Canadian Polish Congress

Andris Kesteris
Latvian National Federation in Canada

Marcus Kolga
Estonian Central Council in Canada

Anna Szenthe
Canadian Hungarian Heritage Council
Marie Fuchs
Czech & Slovak Association of Canada

Ramazan Kellezi
Albanian Community in Canada

Contact us info [at] ceecouncil.org!